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Yeti Time

Are you struggling to stay on track with your tasks? Do you find it hard to manage your time, especially with uninteresting or boring tasks? Yeti Time is here to help! As someone with ADHD, I understand the challenges of staying focused and organized. That’s why I created Yeti Time – an app designed for people just like you and me.

Yeti Time is a task timer app that provides the structure and support you need to complete your tasks efficiently. Whether you have attention issues or simply need a better way to manage your time, Yeti Time offers a range of features to keep you on track and boost your productivity.

Conquer Your Tasks with Yeti Time – Built for ADHD, Perfect for All!

Easily create tasks with a title, notes, and effort level

Task Creation

Set up timers to hold and manage your tasks.

Timer Creation

macbook displaying yeti-time app

View your task completion history by day, Analyze your completion performance

Task History & Performance

Sync tasks from the Reminders app and keep your changes and completions up-to-date

Reminders Integration

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