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From challenge to opportunity - a smarter path forward.

Empower Your Tech Vision

Your Trusted Technology Consultant

Unlocking the Potential of Your Business with Expert Guidance

Proven Track Record

With over 20 years of experience spanning fintech, edtech, and healthcare, my journey through the technology landscape showcases a history of successful projects and satisfied partners. From developing innovative products to leading teams that exceed their goals, my background is a testament to my ability to deliver results.

Lifecycle Mastery

Having been involved in every stage of the product lifecycle — from conception to launch and beyond — I offer unparalleled insights into product development. This comprehensive understanding ensures that I can guide projects to success, no matter the phase they're in.

Strategic Insight

Holding an MBA from Columbia Business School, I blend deep technical expertise with strategic business acumen. This unique combination enables me to see beyond the code, understanding how technology decisions impact business outcomes and how to navigate these choices for maximum benefit.

Leadership Excellence

My progression from an individual contributor to senior tech leadership roles, including Chief Technology Officer (CTO), has equipped me with the skills to lead, inspire, and rebuild high-performing teams. This leadership experience is critical for guiding companies through transformational change.

Founders’ Ally

Working directly with startup founders to secure funding and navigate product launches, I've proved myself to be a valuable ally. My commitment to these partnerships reflects my understanding of the challenges founders face and my dedication to helping them succeed.

Passionate Partner

At the heart of my consulting practice is a genuine passion for technology and a deep desire to help businesses succeed. This enthusiasm drives me to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that I can offer the most current and impactful advice to my clients.

Think of me as your tech co-pilot, ready to turn tech challenges into your next big win with trust and genuine enthusiasm at the helm.
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